This Directory will assist you in finding the best chiropractor near you. Get Chiropractic care for your back today.

Chiropractic Care: Find The Best Chiropractors

Chiropractic Care: Find The Best Chiropractors

This Directory will assist you in finding the best chiropractor near you. Get Chiropractic care for your back today.

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Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Chiropractic Care and Treatment

What it chiropractic? Is it effective for treating different conditions? Are there any side effects and contraindications? The article contains answers to all these questions. Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine and an ancient method of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors try […]

Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

If you have trouble sleeping, anxiety, panic attacks or just high stress levels you have come to the right place. The Mesotherapy Center have been helping thousands of people to sleep well, reduce stress and live well. We take a wholistic approach and we have […]

Natural Methods for Snoring

Natural Methods for Snoring

Ever shared a room with a person who snores? Yeah! It must have been irritating because finding sleep is hard however much one tries to. People who snore do not do it willingly or knowingly. Unfortunately, most people who snore are usually not aware of their causes and preventions. Some causes of snoring require medical attention while others can be controlled by the individual.

One cause of snoring is air obstruction. This is caused when the tongue falls into the throat especially when one is lying on his back. Because of this sleeping position, and tongue falling into the throat causing air obstruction, one starts producing sound (snore) while asleep.

Another cause of snoring is lower jaw resting in a wrong position which can be stopped by use of anti-snoring devices. The tongue is a muscle attached to the lower jaw, and when this jaw falls back, the tongue does too. The tongue then blocks the airways creating a vibration we refer to as snore. This is dangerous and is responsible for sleep apnea where one has to wake up to regain his breathe.

Swollen glands can also cause snoring. Allergies, bacteria, and sinusitis can cause swollen glands as well as tonsils and deformed nasal passage. When a person with swollen glands falls asleep, the airways become blocked making inhalation difficult creating a space in the throat which produces sound we call snore.

Other causes of snoring include consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, certain medications, and in some cases overweight.

Natural Remedies for Snoring

Among the most common natural remedies for snoring is change of sleeping position. If your snore is caused by you lying on your back, change the position by lying on your side. This can take some time before you adapt your new position but will help reduce and prevent snoring.

Weight loss is also among the natural remedies for snoring. If you are overweight and snore, you need to shed off some pounds. Losing weight helps reduce the fatty tissue in the airways. Avoiding fatty and other foods that contribute to weight gain will improve your breathing facility.

Keep your bedroom clean and moist. You find that some cases of snoring are not caused by any of the mentioned causes. Dry air in the bedroom could be the one causing your snoring because it tends to irritate your nose and throat membranes. Because of this reason, ensure that your bedroom is clean and moist to provide you with peaceful sleep.

Exercises too can help stop and/or prevent snoring as they help improve cardio vascular and lung muscles. This improves breathing capacity which helps in reducing snoring effects.

If your snoring is caused by cigarette smoking, or alcohol consumption; quit these habits and you will notice an improvement. Medications such as antihistamines, tranquilizers, and other sedatives can cause snoring. If using these medications, seek your doctor’s advice about alternative medications.

Tennis ball trick can also help stop or prevent snoring. This is applicable especially to those who snore when lying on their backs. Put a tennis ball in a soak and stitch at the back of your pajama. This trick provides discomfort especially when one sleeps on his back. To respond to the discomfort, one is forced to change his sleeping position hence reduce chances of snoring.

Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

When people experience dry, chapped lips they usually lick them not knowing that it will only worsen the condition and the relief is only temporary. The condition worsens because once the saliva evaporates from the lips, they become dryer than before. Dry, cracked, or chapped […]

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is characterized by patches of red, inflamed and scaly skin. For some people the skin may crack and bleed, and be quit painful. Dermatologists estimate that 7 million Americans experience psoriasis.  Psoriasis can affect any age group but the […]

Chinese Herbal Medicine Protects, Prevents and Heals

Chinese Herbal Medicine Protects, Prevents and Heals

When most of us think about taking medication, it is generally the kind that is prescribed by a doctor or purchased over the counter at the neighborhood pharmacy. However, there is a whole world of medication that is used in many cultures in place of or alongside conventional, modern medications. These formulas fall under the category of Chinese herbal medicine, and they have been used successfully for centuries to effectively treat and prevent many types of conditions and illnesses.

Today, Chinese herbal medicine is still used, usually under the guidance of a doctor or professional that specializes in this discipline of medicine. Often the herbs are given in a combination, and sometimes the herbal medications are combined with other treatments that are typical for Chinese medicine, like acupuncture or massage. To understand how Chinese herbal medicine is used properly, you must first understand the principles of the human body that this type of medicine subscribes to.

The Components of Chinese Medicine

First, the body must function in a harmonious relationship of mind, body and spirit to achieve optimum wellness. In addition, the body is divided into five organ networks, which are responsible for different parts of the body as well as a variety of functions. When one of these networks is out of balance, the body can suffer in physical, mental or emotional ways. The purpose of Chinese herbal medicine is not to merely treat symptoms, like many of our medications today are designed to do. Instead, Chinese herbal medicine is used to cure the body, bring it back into balance, and give it the environment necessary to heal itself and achieve optimum wellness. This is most often done through a combination of herbs that will address different issues within the body and work in harmony to heal the entire unit.

Because there is generally a combination of herbs in Chinese herbal medicine that are prescribed at one time, professionals in Chinese medicine may use a variety of templates to determine which herbs will work best together. One such template uses the Chinese government, which consists of a monarchial system. This means that there is a King herb that is used to treat the primary issue. The next herb is the minister herb, and this choice will address the top imbalance as well as the secondary imbalance that the body is suffering from. The next herb prescribed is often referred to as the assistant herb, and the purpose of this one might either be to strengthen the potency of the king herb or to reduce toxicity. Finally, the messenger herb will help to focus the effectiveness of the other herbs exactly where they need to go.

Chinese herbal medicine is a complex process of diagnosis and treatment with a delicate balance of the proper herbs. For this reason, it is always best to consult an experienced professional for advice on Chinese herbal medicine instead of trying to administer these substances on your own.

Arthritis: Some Easy Arthritis Home Remedies

Arthritis: Some Easy Arthritis Home Remedies

Arthritis home remedies give you unbelievable relief of the pain and also make you go mobile without any trouble. The arthritis home remedies treat the problem in a natural way using herbal medicines or some alternative therapies. The holistic therapy are done by certain herbal […]

Your Back Pain Is Really The Kidney Pain?

Your Back Pain Is Really The Kidney Pain?

To understand the problems related to kidney pain, it is necessary to discuss the structure and function of kidneys to make it easy to understand the knowledge put forth in the article. Kidneys are one of the most important organs of human body. They are […]

4 Tips to Prevent and Treat Back Pain

4 Tips to Prevent and Treat Back Pain

There are easy techniques that prevent and treat back pain. If you have a major or minor back problem, consider implementing these procedures.

lower back therapy.

Get A Good Night Of Sleep

A peaceful night of sleep repairs your strained muscles and relieves inflamed joints. To improve how well you sleep, invest in a good bed and try various sleeping positions. Sleep on your side while on a firm surface to keep your spine positioned properly. If your spine is curved, your back pain will worsen. Also, if you sleep with a pillow between your knees, you will sleep more comfortably.

Gentle Exercise

When back discomfort occurs, resting and waiting until the pain reduces is not the best solution. The back discomfort will worsen and your muscle strength will decrease if you rest. Instead, perform a few gentle stretches to determine what movements cause much pain. Also, try an easy, slow walk around your neighborhood. When your back feels better, slowly pick up the pace. Another smart idea is regular exercise because it stretches and strengthens your muscles, which reduces back pain. However, discuss your exercise plan with your doctor (contact Providence Orthopaedic for Back Pain Treatment) to avoid further injures.

Healthy Weight

Your back discomfort problem will not reduce if you have excess weight that puts pressure on your back muscles. Back pain suffers who took various medicines experienced less pain after they lost weight.

Heat And Cold Products

Hot and cold therapy should be used for certain back discomfort issues. Cold therapy is ideal for inflammation problems because it reduces swelling, and heat reduces muscles spasms and cramps. Usually, moist heat is the best option. If you use dry heat, you should apply it carefully because it can dehydrate your tissues, which will prevent healing. Most stores sell an ice pack for cold therapy treatment and a heating pad for hot therapy treatment.

Best Back Pain Relief Available

Best Back Pain Relief Available

An eight-to-five desk task can have you sitting on a office chair and hunched over a computer system around six hours. This goes for five days a week. Once you go back home, you will use up an average of two more hours curled up […]

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What it chiropractic? Is it effective for treating different conditions? Are there any side effects and contraindications? The article contains answers to all these questions.

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine and an ancient method of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors try to make diagnoses and treat people with manipulating their locomotor system, especially the spine. They believe that the body can heal itself due to the energy coursing through it and that the spine’s function is closely connected with its structure. Damaged spinal bones and joints are set without anesthesia.

Chiropractic is often used to heal:

  • lower back or neck pain, slipped discs, sprains;
  • frequent migraine, dizziness;
  • sciatica;
  • sports injuries, diseases of the respiratory system;
  • allergic reactions, digestive disorders;
  • otitis, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, dysmenorrheal, scoliosis, arthritis.

According to the statistics, in 1997, there were almost 192 million visits to chiropractic physicians and the main reasons for such visits were back pain and chronic conditions.

Chiropractic also helps to recover from:

  • floating kidneys, pyelonephritis, difficult urination, incontinence;
  • prostatitis, polycystic ovaries;
  • inguinal hernia, cellulite;
  • seborrhea, acne;
  • osteochondrosis, conditions after accidents and surgeries.

Diagnostics and Manual Therapy

When you visit the chiropractor, the first thing he does is consider your medical report. He asks you about your complaints, examines spinal bones and your posture. Sometimes the doctor may ask you to lean forward, backward or toward, raise your arm or leg, hold your breath or breathe deeply. Such exercises help check the nervous system. X-ray examination is also often used.

After considering the results of examination the chiropractor offers you a treatment plan and consults you on diet and lifestyle.

The doctor may perform one or more manipulations. The healer presses, pats, massages and touches the body’s points with his fingers gradually increasing the motion range and quality, which depends on the manipulation chosen.

Side Effects

Sometimes patients may suffer from side effects from chiropractic care. They may experience temporary discomfort in body parts, fatigue and migraine but such effects are not so essential and are gone within 1-2 days.

As for complications, there have been no researches on them but it is known that the risk of being damaged is very low. However, if the cervical spine is treated with chiropractic, the risk still exists. One of the rare complications is cauda equina syndrome, which means that a bundle of spinal nerves branching from the end of the spinal cord is damaged. The following symptoms of the syndrome may be noted:

  • weakness in the legs;
  • digestive disorders, problems with bladder, loss of sexual activity;
  • discomfort in the straight intestine or genitalia;

Therefore, before the procedure you should inform the chiropractor about any diseases you have and any types of treatment you use, as chiropractic has some contraindications, to be exact:

  • any type of cancer, blood-clotting, blood-stroke, bleeding;
  • tuberculosis, intoxication, convulsions, epilepsy;
  • open or recent wounds, necrotic skin infections;
  • mental disorders.

“Fake” chiropractors are not uncommon. So, if your chiropractor is unskilled and not experienced about, it may lead to serious fractures, nerve and blood vessel damages and even paralyses.

Chiropractic for Treating Back Pain

As already mentioned, an opportunity to relieve low back pain and other symptoms associated with the back with chiropractic has been researched. Chiropractic has been compared to other forms of medicine. In general, the results have been found weak, insufficient and ineffective for using such treatment for back pain.

The following reasons for this may be noted:

  • Most of clinic researches consider only manipulation as chiropractic but chiropractic is not only manipulation;
  • Results of experiments got in one set of conditions may not work in other set of conditions.
  • The scientists have noted that chiropractic practice is effective due to the placebo effect.

To sum it up, chiropractic and forms of traditional medicine are equally helpful for relieving back pain. It is more difficult to draw conclusions about how helpful chiropractic is for treating other conditions.

At present, chiropractic practice is still researched. Now the trials are aimed at learning what happens in the body when a patient is treated with different types of chiropractic.