This Directory will assist you in finding the best chiropractor near you. Get Chiropractic care for your back today.

Chiropractic Care: Find The Best Chiropractors

Chiropractic Care: Find The Best Chiropractors

This Directory will assist you in finding the best chiropractor near you. Get Chiropractic care for your back today.

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Basic Information about Diabetic Retinopathy

Basic Information about Diabetic Retinopathy

There aren’t any real signs when it comes to early diabetic retinopathy, so patients are just unaware of the negative effects of diabetes on their eyes. However, as this condition advances, the following signs become evident: • Vision may go in and out of focus […]

Safety of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

Safety of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements

These supplements are widely available in many pharmacies and grocery stores. They definitely have a number of health benefits, such as lowering triglyceride levels and relieving inflammation. Although Omega-3 supplements are readily available, it doesn’t mean that they’re safe for all users. Just like with […]

Natural Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Natural Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease causing pain, tingle and numbness in the hands or fingers. The patient can also experience weakness and sensitivity loss in the hands and fingers. These symptoms are caused by the median nerve compressed when passing through the carpal tunnel.

Many factors can lead to progression of the disease, for instance, constant manual work, wrist injuries and such health conditions, as pregnancy, arthritis, diabetes, hypothyroidism and obesity.

Natural Remedies for the Disease

There is still not enough scientific evidence that any remedy can treat the disease. But these 8 integrative treatments can relieve symptoms, at least.

1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture implies the insertion of thin needles into particular points on the body. This releases blockages in the body causing pain and improves the energy flow along energy pathways called meridians.

Scientifically, acupuncture releases natural anesthetic chemicals into the human body, promotes circulation and normalizes the nervous system.

As for the carpal syndrome, needles are inserted into points on the hands, arms, wrists and fingers, as well as on the neck and upper back. The number of acupuncture therapies depends on the intensity of your symptoms, pain duration, general health condition and your work implying the constant use of hands and fingers.

To treat the carpal syndrome, laser acupuncture with handheld laser instead of needles is also used.

2. Acupressure

Acupressure is a reflexotherapy treatment similar to acupuncture but instead of inserted needles the pressure is implied. It promotes blood flow to the hand and wrist and soothes swelling and numbness.

As for the disease, the pressure is implied to points on the wrist, elbow and hand.

3. Alpha-lipoic acid

ALA is an antioxidant that is naturally produced in the human body and marketed as a supplement. If ALA is taken together with gamma-linolenic acid, it can ease the symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Vitamin B6

Some people believe that low consumption of B6 may provoke the carpal tunnel syndrome and that B6 may relieve pain due to its antinociceptive properties. The results of studies on this vitamin’s effect are ambiguous but, at least, two studies have shown that vitamin B6 considerably improves the condition.

The following products are especially rich in vitamin B6:

• fish;
• specialty meats;
• potatoes;
• poultry;
• beef;
• fortified cereals;
• bananas.

It is necessary to consult the doctor before consuming too much vitamin B6 as the nerves of some patients having such supplements for a long period were damaged.

5. Yoga

According to the results of the experiment involving 42 people who suffered from the disease, did special yoga postures and wore wrist splints for 8 weeks, they experienced considerable improvement in the strength of grip and pain in the hands and fingers.

6. Chiropractic

The experiment involving 91 individuals suffering from the carpal tunnel syndrome was based on comparison of chiropractic treatment and conservative treatment. This is an alternative treatment including manipulation of the body joints and soft tissues of the arms and spine, wrist supports at nights and ultrasound over the carpal tunnel.

7. Enzyme supplements

Such enzyme supplements, as bromelain and serrapeptase may ease tissue swelling caused by the carpal syndrome.

8. Feldenkrais

It is a kind of movement re-education. Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome try to learn how to move more effectively, develop coordination, ease muscle strain and improve flexibility.

Not all alternative treatments have been checked for safety. So, before taking any supplements or using natural remedies, it is necessary to consult your physician.

Cold Laser As A Treatment For Neck And Back Pain

Cold Laser As A Treatment For Neck And Back Pain

Doctors use lasers to treat various conditions for a long time already. The thing is that laser beams are focused enough to treat exactly the area that needs to be treated absolutely safely and without possible damages of the tissues around. For example, laser is […]

Lack of Water May Worsen Back Pain

Lack of Water May Worsen Back Pain

Increase your daily water intake and soon you may forget about those episodes of back pain. A professor of orthopedics shares his observations on the relationship between daily water intake and back pain occurrence. He supports his thought with personal medical experience and finds answers […]

Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Chiropractic Care and Treatment

What it chiropractic? Is it effective for treating different conditions? Are there any side effects and contraindications? The article contains answers to all these questions.

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine and an ancient method of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractors try to make diagnoses and treat people with manipulating their locomotor system, especially the spine. They believe that the body can heal itself due to the energy coursing through it and that the spine’s function is closely connected with its structure. Damaged spinal bones and joints are set without anesthesia.

Chiropractic is often used to heal:

  • lower back or neck pain, slipped discs, sprains;
  • frequent migraine, dizziness;
  • sciatica;
  • sports injuries, diseases of the respiratory system;
  • allergic reactions, digestive disorders;
  • otitis, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, dysmenorrheal, scoliosis, arthritis.

According to the statistics, in 1997, there were almost 192 million visits to chiropractic physicians and the main reasons for such visits were back pain and chronic conditions.

Chiropractic also helps to recover from:

  • floating kidneys, pyelonephritis, difficult urination, incontinence;
  • prostatitis, polycystic ovaries;
  • inguinal hernia, cellulite;
  • seborrhea, acne;
  • osteochondrosis, conditions after accidents and surgeries.

Diagnostics and Manual Therapy

When you visit the chiropractor, the first thing he does is consider your medical report. He asks you about your complaints, examines spinal bones and your posture. Sometimes the doctor may ask you to lean forward, backward or toward, raise your arm or leg, hold your breath or breathe deeply. Such exercises help check the nervous system. X-ray examination is also often used.

After considering the results of examination the chiropractor offers you a treatment plan and consults you on diet and lifestyle.

The doctor may perform one or more manipulations. The healer presses, pats, massages and touches the body’s points with his fingers gradually increasing the motion range and quality, which depends on the manipulation chosen.

Side Effects

Sometimes patients may suffer from side effects from chiropractic care. They may experience temporary discomfort in body parts, fatigue and migraine but such effects are not so essential and are gone within 1-2 days.

As for complications, there have been no researches on them but it is known that the risk of being damaged is very low. However, if the cervical spine is treated with chiropractic, the risk still exists. One of the rare complications is cauda equina syndrome, which means that a bundle of spinal nerves branching from the end of the spinal cord is damaged. The following symptoms of the syndrome may be noted:

  • weakness in the legs;
  • digestive disorders, problems with bladder, loss of sexual activity;
  • discomfort in the straight intestine or genitalia;

Therefore, before the procedure you should inform the chiropractor about any diseases you have and any types of treatment you use, as chiropractic has some contraindications, to be exact:

  • any type of cancer, blood-clotting, blood-stroke, bleeding;
  • tuberculosis, intoxication, convulsions, epilepsy;
  • open or recent wounds, necrotic skin infections;
  • mental disorders.

“Fake” chiropractors are not uncommon. So, if your chiropractor is unskilled and not experienced about, it may lead to serious fractures, nerve and blood vessel damages and even paralyses.

Chiropractic for Treating Back Pain

As already mentioned, an opportunity to relieve low back pain and other symptoms associated with the back with chiropractic has been researched. Chiropractic has been compared to other forms of medicine. In general, the results have been found weak, insufficient and ineffective for using such treatment for back pain.

The following reasons for this may be noted:

  • Most of clinic researches consider only manipulation as chiropractic but chiropractic is not only manipulation;
  • Results of experiments got in one set of conditions may not work in other set of conditions.
  • The scientists have noted that chiropractic practice is effective due to the placebo effect.

To sum it up, chiropractic and forms of traditional medicine are equally helpful for relieving back pain. It is more difficult to draw conclusions about how helpful chiropractic is for treating other conditions.

At present, chiropractic practice is still researched. Now the trials are aimed at learning what happens in the body when a patient is treated with different types of chiropractic.

Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

If you have trouble sleeping, anxiety, panic attacks or just high stress levels you have come to the right place. The Mesotherapy Center have been helping thousands of people to sleep well, reduce stress and live well. We take a wholistic approach and we have […]

Natural Methods for Snoring

Natural Methods for Snoring

Ever shared a room with a person who snores? Yeah! It must have been irritating because finding sleep is hard however much one tries to. People who snore do not do it willingly or knowingly. Unfortunately, most people who snore are usually not aware of […]

Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

When people experience dry, chapped lips they usually lick them not knowing that it will only worsen the condition and the relief is only temporary. The condition worsens because once the saliva evaporates from the lips, they become dryer than before. Dry, cracked, or chapped lips are caused by over exposure to windy and cold conditions. Also, excess exposure to sunlight can cause dry lips.

Sometimes, cosmetics are also responsible for chapped lips if one is allergic to a certain ingredient contained in it. Studies indicate that smoking, drugs, dehydration and Vitamin A, B, and C deficiency can also cause chapped lips. There are home remedies for chapped lips that can help improve and prevent this condition.

Vitamin A

One role of Vitamin A is repairing the skin. To improve chapped lips, ensure that you keep a diet that has rich sources of Vitamin A such as fresh or dried apricots, broccoli leaves, butter, cantaloupe melon, carrots, cheddar cheese, collard greens, cucumbers, eggs, kales, liver, mangos, milk, papaya, peas, pumpkin, spinach, and sweet potatoes.

These sources can be consumed normally as whole or as juice. Most people prefer carrot, and spinach juice to other vegetable juices. To make carrot and spinach juice, add 1 tbsp of water cress, one glass of tomato juice, 2 tbsp of wheat germ oil and1 tbsp nutritional yeast. This will also supply you with Vitamin A which will help repair your chapped lips.


Cucumbers contain about 90% in it and because of this; it can help treat your chapped and dry lips. Slice a cucumber and rub on your lips every time you feel they are dry. Cucumber is source of Vitamin A which is needed in skin repair. It can also be consumed raw, cooked, or as juice depending on your preference. You can blend cucumbers and carrots together as juice since they both help repair your lips.

Margosa Leaf Extract

If your lips are drying, you can apply Margosa leaf extract which will help remove the dead cells on your lips and soothe them. Margosa leaf extract contains Azadirachtin, a chemical known for treating various skin disorders.

Shea Butter

Extracted from nuts of an African tree known as Vitellaria paradoxa, Shea butter is a rich emollient which quickly penetrates and moisturizes the lips keeping them hydrated. You can make your own Shea butter with beeswax lip balm to lock in moisture and prevent the lip balm from melting quickly.

As you use Shea butter, take caution that it can also trigger negative reactions especially to those intolerant to nuts. Before using Shea butter, consult with your physician first on whether to use it or not.

Coconut Oil

When your lips dry or chap especially during cold and dry weathers, you can apply coconut oil. It helps in moisturizing the lips and keeping them hydrated. You can also make coconut lip balm but add beeswax to lock in moisture and prevent the balm for melting quickly.

Other natural remedies for chapped lips include rose petals, honey, lemon and oranges, milk cream as well as sunflower, almond, olive oil, and castor oil.

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Diagnosis of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that is characterized by patches of red, inflamed and scaly skin. For some people the skin may crack and bleed, and be quit painful. Dermatologists estimate that 7 million Americans experience psoriasis.  Psoriasis can affect any age group but the […]

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There aren’t any real signs when it comes to early diabetic retinopathy, so patients are just unaware of the negative effects of diabetes on their eyes. However, as this condition advances, the following signs become evident:

• Vision may go in and out of focus and become blurred;
• People may complain on spots, specks and floaters;
• Others notice difficulty seeing during nights;
• Patients start complaining on the blockage of vision or streaks if any big hemorrhage is inside their eyes.

Main Causes

Number one cause of developing diabetic retinopathy is high blood sugar levels and uncontrolled diabetes. Severity of this condition is closely linked to sugar levels in the blood. The retina is a light-sensitive layer in the back of your eyes, and it has a great supply of blood vessels. If your blood sugar levels are too high, blood vessels are weak, so the fluid and blood inside them leak out into a retina. New blood vessels start growing, but they may lead fluid and are too fragile, thus, causing a retina to swell and lose oxygen and important nutrients. This phenomenon also causes possible blindness and vision loss.

Risk Factors

1. Pregnancy. Pregnant women with gestational or standard diabetes have a high risk of developing unwanted complications.

2. Diabetes. Patients with diabetes have a higher risk of suffering from diabetic retinopathy. The longer they have this condition, the more likely they will develop it.

3. Hypertension. People with this health problem face a higher risk of having diabetic retinopathy.

4. Ethnicity. Being of African-American and Hispanic heritage puts people in a high-risk group for having this disease.

5. High cholesterol levels. This factor also increases a risk of diabetic retinopathy.

Basic Stages

This condition progresses through its 4 basic stages:

1. Mild non-proliferative. Minor swelling is evident in blood vessels.
2. Moderate non-proliferative. Blood vessels lead fluid and become blocked.
3. Severe non-proliferative. The retina loses oxygen and essential nutrients.
4. Proliferative. Abnormal blood vessels start growing, but they leak and are weak, thus, leading to retinal detachments, glaucoma and blindness.

Correct Diagnosis

It’s necessary to visit qualified ophthalmologists or optometrists for complete eye examination every year to diagnose diabetic retinopathy. During this examination, doctors administer eye drops to dilate your pupils, thus, visualizing the entire retina with the macula, optic nerve and blood vessels. They also use special microscopes and magnifying lenses to closely examine the macula and optic nerve for any diabetic eye problems. Sometimes, fluorescein angiograms or special dye-injection tests are used to diagnose certain problematic areas more accurately.

Effective Treatments

In moderate stages of this condition doctors may prescribe a focal laser procedure to reduce swelling in blood vessels. In severe stages of diabetic retinopathy, scattered laser treatments are used to decrease leaky blood vessels and eliminate the factors that lead to this condition. This option may also lead to the loss of night and peripheral vision, but it helps patients prevent severe blindness from occurring. Doctors perform a vitrectomy if there’s any significant bleeding in the eye cavity. It removes the vitreous fluid replaced with a clear one.

Possible Complications

The growth of abnormal new blood vessels may result in further health complications, such as:

1. Traction retinal detachment. New blood vessels are followed by growing scar tissues that shrink and pull a retina away from the back of the eye.

2. Vitreous hemorrhage. New blood vessels can start bleeding into a vitreous. In serious cases, blood may fill the vitreous cavity completely, thus, blocking vision.

3. Neovascular glaucoma. Abnormal blood vessels can grow on your iris, thus, interfering with the normal fluid flow out of your eyes.