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Your Back Pain Is Really The Kidney Pain?

Your Back Pain Is Really The Kidney Pain?

To understand the problems related to kidney pain, it is necessary to discuss the structure and function of kidneys to make it easy to understand the knowledge put forth in the article. Kidneys are one of the most important organs of human body. They are present in pair in the lower part of the abdomen. Their function is to excrete out the waste products from the body.

Their main functions include

Hormone production

Acid regulation

Electrolyte metabolism

These are bean shaped organs placed in opposite direction, one at the right side and one at the left side of the lower abdomen. Right kidney is placed a bit lower than the left one to hold the liver.

What causes kidney pain to occur?

Some important causes of this pain are mentioned below:

If the blood gets clot in the kidney may cause pain.

If the blood clots in the veins of the kidney may be a reason of the pain.

Kidney swelling may be a reason.

Kidney infection or

Kidney cancer may lead to the pain.

Any of these causes may be labeled as pain. Kidney stones may cause pain but this pain is not referred to as kidney pain. Kidney stones are usually painless as long as these stones are present in the kidneys. While these stones cause pain when they move in the kidneys or are removed off.

Symptoms of kidney pain:

A sort of pain that arise in the kidney is called flank pain. It is the major symptom of this pain. It arises right below the ribs. It may rise up to the groin depending on the condition of the pain. Those having this flank pain will develop the following symptoms:



Dysuria (pain while passing urine) and


Not only the problems relating to kidney are the causes of flank pain, also back muscles problem, fractures and spinal problems may lead to this pain.

However, this pain usually occurs at one side of the back but there are cases observed where pain arises on the both sides of the back at the same time.

Tests to diagnose kidney problems:

Doctors mainly take the history of the patient in order to diagnose the pain but sometimes just taking history is not enough. The patient has to go for some tests in order to know the reason of this pain. At first, the doctor will ask for CBC (complete blood count), and then he may ask for urine test for further confirmation.

If kidney stones are expected, the doctor will ask for CT exam or for ultrasound. If the person has in fact kidney stones he needs to take X-rays repeatedly, it’s better to go for ultrasounds instead of X-rays for the best results.

Treatment For Kidney Pain:

Treatment includes either administration of medicines or injections in order to kill the pain.

Hope this article will provide you with the best information you might be looking for. If the problem is uncontrollable go for a doctor for further information as well as for treatment too.