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Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

Insomnia and Anxiety Cure

If you have trouble sleeping, anxiety, panic attacks or just high stress levels you have come to the right place. The Mesotherapy Center have been helping thousands of people to sleep well, reduce stress and live well. We take a wholistic approach and we have great patient outcomes without the use of toxic drugs or addictive narcotics.

How are we able to treat insomnia and anxiety ?

Simple, with one amino acid called G.A.B.A your body needs this amino acidto induce relaxation, calm and improve your mood, reduce muscle tension and release your body’s own growth hormones to slow down the aging process.

Many people with insomnia and anxiety are unknowingly deficient in this amino acid. Research shows that a stressful lifestyle , illness or an improper diet that includes large amounts of refined sugars, alcohol or caffeine inhibits the absorbtion of vital minerals, amino acids and certain vitamins.

This may also cause adrenal fatigue which makes the underlying problem worse and even harder to treat with over the counter or prescription medication.

Why should

I cure my insomnia and anxiety, should’nt I just medicate it ?

Medications are harmful to the liver with long term use, they also stop working overtime as your body gets use to it requiring stronger dosages creating an unhealthy cycle.

Many peolpe that are on sleep meds say that they are groggy all day and that they walk around feeling like they are in a hazy fog.

Over 60 million people suffer from insomnia and 80 % of these people will have a higher mortality rate.40% of women of the age 40 years or older suffer from insomnia.

People that suffer from insomnia and anxiety generaly get sick more frequently and have more health problems.

Depression or mental deteriation often ensues because the brain does not get enough rest.

How long does this treatment take and are there any side effects?

This treatment takes about 10 minutes each office visit the first office visit may take up to 45 minutesto allow for paper work to be filled out and a thorough evaluation of your current health status and wellness goals. Most patients will need 4 to 6 office visits depending on age, lifestyle, stressand the chronicity of the problem.

The treatment consits of one ( 1 minute) injection of G.A.B.A. anamino acid that your bodyutilizes as a natural tranuilizer that takes care of the quality of your sleep and calms the mood.

It will also help with muscle tension,spasms or ticks. It releases dopamine in the brain naturaly and encourages the release of your bodys own growth hormones producing other anti-aging benefits and long term results.

Side effects are short term andare noticedusually right after administration and may include warmth, tingling or a prickly sensation in the head ,hands and feet this may last for about 5 minutes . You may get a bruise at the injection site.

Your urine may appear darker the first day of treatment.

Feeling breathy isnormal as the body starts utilizing more oxygen this may last for 2 to 3 minutes.

Some patients may never feel these sensations but the G.A.B.A. is still working.

G.A.B.A. does not cause drowsiness or lethargy as most prescribed drugs do.

It will however induce a natural state of relaxation making it easy to fall asleep and stay asleep. During the day you will feel calm and focused and less agitated.

There are no longterm side effects with this therapy.

No testing needed.

Minor lifestyle changes will prolong the benefits making them more permanent.