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Natural Methods for Snoring

Natural Methods for Snoring

Ever shared a room with a person who snores? Yeah! It must have been irritating because finding sleep is hard however much one tries to. People who snore do not do it willingly or knowingly. Unfortunately, most people who snore are usually not aware of their causes and preventions. Some causes of snoring require medical attention while others can be controlled by the individual.

One cause of snoring is air obstruction. This is caused when the tongue falls into the throat especially when one is lying on his back. Because of this sleeping position, and tongue falling into the throat causing air obstruction, one starts producing sound (snore) while asleep.

Another cause of snoring is lower jaw resting in a wrong position which can be stopped by use of anti-snoring devices. The tongue is a muscle attached to the lower jaw, and when this jaw falls back, the tongue does too. The tongue then blocks the airways creating a vibration we refer to as snore. This is dangerous and is responsible for sleep apnea where one has to wake up to regain his breathe.

Swollen glands can also cause snoring. Allergies, bacteria, and sinusitis can cause swollen glands as well as tonsils and deformed nasal passage. When a person with swollen glands falls asleep, the airways become blocked making inhalation difficult creating a space in the throat which produces sound we call snore.

Other causes of snoring include consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, certain medications, and in some cases overweight.

Natural Remedies for Snoring

Among the most common natural remedies for snoring is change of sleeping position. If your snore is caused by you lying on your back, change the position by lying on your side. This can take some time before you adapt your new position but will help reduce and prevent snoring.

Weight loss is also among the natural remedies for snoring. If you are overweight and snore, you need to shed off some pounds. Losing weight helps reduce the fatty tissue in the airways. Avoiding fatty and other foods that contribute to weight gain will improve your breathing facility.

Keep your bedroom clean and moist. You find that some cases of snoring are not caused by any of the mentioned causes. Dry air in the bedroom could be the one causing your snoring because it tends to irritate your nose and throat membranes. Because of this reason, ensure that your bedroom is clean and moist to provide you with peaceful sleep.

Exercises too can help stop and/or prevent snoring as they help improve cardio vascular and lung muscles. This improves breathing capacity which helps in reducing snoring effects.

If your snoring is caused by cigarette smoking, or alcohol consumption; quit these habits and you will notice an improvement. Medications such as antihistamines, tranquilizers, and other sedatives can cause snoring. If using these medications, seek your doctor’s advice about alternative medications.

Tennis ball trick can also help stop or prevent snoring. This is applicable especially to those who snore when lying on their backs. Put a tennis ball in a soak and stitch at the back of your pajama. This trick provides discomfort especially when one sleeps on his back. To respond to the discomfort, one is forced to change his sleeping position hence reduce chances of snoring.